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A restaurant at the foot of the slopes in the Courchevel ski resort

Nestling in the Alpine scenery of the Courchevel ski resort, the Bistrot Machet is a place where gastronomy combines authenticity with Savoyard terroir. Far from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes, this is a place where tranquillity and culinary pleasure are in perfect harmony.

An annexe to Farçon

The Bistrot Machet is an annex of the prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant Le Farçon, located in the Courchevel ski resort, a sure sign of the quality of the cuisine on offer. The kingpin of this bistro is none other than chef Julien Anxionnaz, who cut his teeth as second-in-command to Michelin-starred chef Julien Machet at Le Farçon. The bistro benefits from a culinary approach inherited from a tradition of excellence.

At Bistrot Machet, the emphasis is on cooking that respects seasonal produce and makes the most of local producers. Here, every dish is an ode to the Savoie region: Blanquette de veau, beef pot-au-feu with foie gras, French shoulder of lamb – the options are varied and each more delectable than the last.

Eating at the foot of the slopes in Courchevel ski resort

Courchevel is not only famous for its ski slopes and mountains, it is also renowned for its gastronomic scene, and the Bistrot Machet is a perfect example. This bistro combines the friendly atmosphere of a mountain restaurant with authentic cuisine supervised by a Michelin-starred chef. The culinary experience here is sure to make a lasting impression on your stay in the Courchevel ski resort. Creative cuisine combining regional specialities and dishes inspired by gourmet cuisine.

The establishment is open all year round and welcomes visitors whether they are looking for a bite to eat after a day on the slopes in the Courchevel ski resort or simply to enjoy a peaceful moment in the heart of the mountains. From the sunny terrace to the dining room, Bistrot Machet offers a range of atmospheres to suit every moment of the day. Discovering the Bistrot Machet may be a nice surprise for you next winter.

In this way, the Bistrot Machet complements Courchevel’s gastronomic offering. Its location at the foot of the slopes, its terrace, its refined cuisine based on fresh produce and its friendly atmosphere make it a must-visit place for tourists! A not-to-be-missed address for an authentic culinary experience that revisits French cuisine.

Local cuisine

More than just a mountain restaurant, the Bistrot Machet is an experience that invites you to discover Savoie through its cuisine. It’s a chance to experience Courchevel in a whole new way, from the pleasures of the table to the Alpine panorama.

For a lunch break, dinner after a day’s skiing in the Courchevel ski resort or simply to enjoy the setting, the Bistrot Machet is a destination well worth a visit. You can enjoy traditional cuisine as well as unexpected dishes straight from the imagination of chef Julien Anxionnaz.

Our famous brunch every other Sunday

At Bistrot Machet, the mountain restaurant in La Tania-Courchevel, we offer a real home-made brunch every other Sunday! Expect to be surprised. Chef Julien Anxionnaz likes to challenge himself and come up with dishes and dishes to suit his moods and seasonal produce. You won’t find any information about what’s on offer. You have to let it carry you along and trust it, but don’t worry, it will surprise you and delight you in every way. To find out the dates of the Sundays concerned, follow us on social media Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lebistrotmachet/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/lebistrotmachet/).

To book, just call us on : +33(0) 479 072 583